Working With Moldavites

Moldavite has recently become very fashionable, which is why our community must stay up to date and knowledgeable about the energy contained in this unusual gem. If you’re looking for a specific type of quartz crystal, such as amethyst or rose quartz, please be sure to do your homework first because each person’s energy may be affected differently by this stone.

Moldavite Origin

Moldavite is also known as a powerful stone for transformation. This ethereal gemstone is mined in the Czech Republic, where a meteorite is said to have impacted the planet 15 million years ago. Theorists thus believe that this green tektite incorporates a mixture of terrestrial and extraterrestrial energy forces.

Moldavite Energies

Moldavite is a highly potent stone for spiritual growth and consciousness expansion. Often referred to as a healing talisman for the planet, this stone will link you with the higher planes of existence and your highest self. This gemstone will activate and open the chakras, shifting and transporting energy on both the 3D and cosmic levels.

Moldavite is good for you. It will give development, expansion, new beginnings, and energy to your life. It will also aid you in the astral and dream planes.

Many users of moldavite claim that it removes numerous obstructions and grant clarity and insight into their most important needs and wants. Moldavite’s ability to speed up the movement of energy is why it is called the stone of change. Moldavite will effect change at various paces for each individual, but keep in mind that change will happen when you utilize this powerhouse rock.

Physical Symptoms

We recommend spending some time in the store with your new stone to be aware of any bodily symptoms you may experience as a result of the radiating vibrations within moldavite. Symptoms might include tingling in the extremities or around the chakras, lightheadedness, dizziness, sense of floating, tingling perceptions, headaches, and hot flashes throughout the body.

It’s best to slowly introduce moldavite into your energy field, building up to longer time periods. If the energy is still too strong for you, combining moldavite with a more grounding stone such as obsidian, hematite, tourmaline, or smoky quartz may be beneficial.

Moldavite Preparation

Moldavite’s magical properties can be enhanced by working with it in a state of preparedness. It is critical to prepare your mind, body, and spirit before interacting with moldavite. Recognize and accept that you will need to maintain an open mind while investigating its secrets. It’s also important to remember that the Universe has your back and believe that you are always being led toward your greatest wellbeing.

With great power comes great accountability. This crystal’s lifeforce will cleanse the parts of your life that aren’t in keeping with your soul’s goal and greatest good. Some people see this as a breakdown of their present existence, while others do not notice such significant changes in their current surroundings. It’s important to be aware of how you’re feeling and when to take a break from working with moldavite.

It’s essential to remember that shifting energy requires a significant amount of effort and hard work. Keep trusting the process!

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