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Moldavite – Tiktokers Say This Healing Crystal Destroys Lives

Moldavite may be obtained at your own risk, according to the numerous Tiktok users who have tried it.

On the last day of her business trip, Keegan Athens received a phone call informing her that she would need to exit her leased home. She went through a breakup and found out that her step-dad, who had been terminally ill, had died in the same 24 hours. Keegan’s tears streaked down her cheeks as she recorded a Tik Tok video detailing what she believes was behind the sequence of unfortunate events. According to Keegan, it was an earring. A Moldavite earring is said to be the cause.

Over the past several years, crystal healing has grown in popularity. There are more than 500,000 Google searches for the most popular crystals each month in the United Kingdom. Celebrities such as Adele, Megan Fox, and Katy Perry have extolled their virtues, and even Simon Cowell has surrounded himself with healing stones to cure his fractured back. The popularity of crystals has certainly increased among younger generations as a result of TikTok’s popularity; when you perform a search for “crystals” on the app, it returns more than 2 billion results. One stone in particular has affected TikTok viewers’ lives because to its growing popularity. The expression “bought Moldavite” has resulted in lost jobs, partners, friends, and even family members owing to Moldavite’s alleged (people claim) ability to bring about unemployment. Those who have come into touch with it have delivered a loud message: do not purchase Moldavite.

Moldavite is “a stone of spiritual enlightenment,” according to Mariella Bucci, a practicing witch of three years. And thanks to TikTok, those who sell crystals claim it’s becoming more difficult to acquire because of this, with even bogus gems flooding the market.

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Mariella compares Moldavite to going to the Olympics before you’ve even run 100 meters, noting that it’s like “going to the Olympics before you’ve even run 100m.” It depends on how you channel it, so it will go rogue if you don’t give it any direction, she says. As a result, Mariella recommends doing your research and practicing with Moldavite under supervision. According to TikTok user Katelyn, Moldavite will come for at least five of the items on your list. “Write down a list of things that make you unhappy and Moldavite will visit for at least five of them,” she adds. “Understand why you’re buying it and what aspect of your life you want to improve.” People are drawn to Moldavite since, according to those who believe in it, it may assist with a variety of problems. However, when things go wrong… It goes horribly wrong, as TikTok users are discovering.

Keegan knew the dangers of Moldavite, but she decided to take the chance nonetheless. “The first time I bought it, I was fighting with my family and had nothing left to lose,” she explains. After purchasing Moldavite, she packed her car and drove across the country on a hunch. “Within three days of me moving, I got my highest-paying job ever, reconnected with an ex-boyfriend, and moved into my own apartment at 19 years old.”

Keegan’s situation began to improve when she was given Moldavite. “The pendant just vanished,” she says. “Many people on the internet claim that it simply vanishes when you’re finished with it.”

Despite this, Keegan had not finished with Moldavite. So she purchased a $40 Moldavite earring. Keegan, on the other hand, was not happy after a few brief weeks when she misplaced her jewelry again. She felt uneasy about whether or not the repeated loss of her moss-green stone was a sign that she should stop searching for it, but all concerns vanished when she discovered it once more at the conclusion of her business trip. That’s when things started to go wrong.

“When my boyfriend and I split up, I was hit with an immense feeling of sadness,” Keegan remembers. “I didn’t have time to consider it since my stepdad was about to pass away. My boyfriend was the person who was supposed to comfort me when my stepdad died, she says sadly. Looking back, Keegan compares Moldavite’s effects on her life to “opening one door and then having it slammed in my face.”

Moldavite, in young psychic Ella’s experience, slammed doors and threw objects across the room. “I’ve had psychic experiences since I was a little kid,” she says. She adds that she would have “daydreams” about things that later came true. It isn’t surprising, therefore, that Ella grew to be very strongly drawn to Moldavite’s power as an adult. “How much more intense could it get?”she wondered to herself.

The response was, “A lot.” Things have gotten out of hand in the space of a week. “My psychic visions became more frequent when I wore the Moldavite,” says Ella.

While ELLA felt scared by the crystal’s power, she also observed that it had an impact on her life in various ways. “My relationship with my boyfriend strengthened, and we decided on our professional futures,” she explains to me. My intuition was enhanced by the Moldavite, allowing me to give better readings to customers and urging me to share my experience on TikTok.

It’s easy to get carried away by fantastic ideas about the spiritual power of a stone, but is it possible that there’s a more down-to-earth cause for everything? For example, consider the placebo effect. According to Dr. Christopher French, a professor specializing in the psychology of paranormal beliefs and experiences, this is very true. In a 2001 study, Dr. French tested the effects of healing crystals; out of a group of 80 people, half were given real stones while the other half were given fakes. The participants were informed about any possible feelings they might experience when holding the crystals, but only six reported feeling nothing at all.

“The power of suggestion is what we’re dealing with,” Dr French explains. “It’s the same psychology behind any belief in magical objects. If someone tells you Moldavite will bring you good fortune, you’ll look for the positive and minimize the bad. The majority of people’s lives are dotted with both good and unpleasant experiences. Even the identical occurrence may be interpreted in different ways.” This might apply to if you’re hearing that it causes negative effects – in which case, you can concentrate on the bad aspects while minimizing the good

While there’s no proof that crystals have any harmful effects in real life, some experts do not believe they are a good idea. “If it gives you the confidence to do the things you wanted to do,” one expert explains, “it’s fine.” He adds: “But you are responsible for bringing it about yourself.”

Who can explain why things happen in our lives, or if they’re influenced by a higher spiritual force? However, one thing is certain: Moldavite’s power is amplified when it’s in the hands of believers.

“Am I sure this was Moldavite? No,” says Ella. “All I know is that when I put on the Moldavite, I feel extra self-assured.” And maybe it’s not such a bad thing, after all.

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