Moldavite Versus Tektite

Because Moldavite is commonly regarded as a tektite, you may be unfamiliar with this name. Tektites are rocks that have been formed during a meteor shower and contain both meteoric debris and mineral components from the area where it came down. Tektites are stone chunks that were blasted into space by an asteroid or comet impact with the Earth. The term Tektite refers to Black Tektites, which are not as uncommon as Moldavite. The primary problem for experts is to figure out when, where, and how tektites formed. Tektites may be dated using radiometric methods to determine their age.

  • Tektites are extremely rare; they may be found only in a few areas of the world.
  • Australites are tektites with a generally black coloration that have been discovered in Australia.
  • South East Asian Indochinites – mostly black tektites
  • Tektites, which are black Philippinites, have been found in the Philippines.
  • Moldavite – dark green tektites discovered in Czechia
  • Tektites from Ivory Coast are known as Ivorites.

Both Moldavite and Black Tektite have similar beginnings, so let’s see what makes them unique:

Moldavite – Properties and Benefits

Moldavite is an extremely rare tektite found only in Czech Republic. It’s a stone with high-vibrational energy and a strong frequency. The color of this stone ranges from dark-green to bottle-green to brown-green, according to the hue. Because it resulted from condensed rock vapors after a major meteorite impact, it is highly valued as a unique mineral.

Moldavite is said to have extraterrestrial origins, with believers claiming it is “the only known extraterrestrial stone on the Planet” or “the gemstone from the stars.” Moldavite is a black glass that contains silica and aluminum oxide with no crystal structure. It has a hardness of 5.5 on the Mohs scale, which makes it one of the most durable stones known. It was called an enchanted stone since ancient times and is one of the finest stones for psychic protection against malevolent spirits and influences.

Moldavite’s high-vibrational energy makes it a powerful healing instrument.

Moldavite has unique metaphysical properties that include:

  • Synchronicities are one of the most common ways in which spirits contact people. Use them to help you pursue a psychic awakening.
  • Your spiritual growth is assisted by our team of specialists.
  • This technique helps you to understand communications from the spiritual realms.
  • The relationship between you and your partner has already transformed! You’ve noticed that it’s more connected, value-driven, and focused on what matters to the energy of the Heart chakra is believed to help you let go of old mental patterns, clarify your Heart chakra, and stimulate clairvoy
  • When you are truly present, the words “I’m so glad we’ve connected” from your spirit guides in waking up the Kundalini describe it

What to anticipate when you first come into contact with Moldavite

The stone has strong energy with powerful vibrations that stimulate the auric field and induce several responses, such as a tingling in the hand and vibrations in the region of the heart chakra. The Moldavite flush is a common reaction following first contact with the stone. It’s called “the Moldavite flush” because it happens so frequently among those who come into contact with this stone for the first time. You won’t be as vulnerable after your energetic structure has adjusted to the energy of the stone.

How to use Moldavite

It’s a great aid to your meditation, and you can massage it on your body. During meditation, hold a piece in your hand. Moldavite jewelry is a wonderful way to display this rock at home.

You’ll understand why Moldavite is so popular when you hold a piece of it for the first time and feel the powerful vibration that this stone produces.

Black Tektite Properties & Benefits

Black Tektites, often known as Tektites, are typically found on a variety of strewn fields and make excellent stones to start with if you’re new to using these special stones. Black Tektites are created by the fast heating and rapid cooling process of quartz-rich dirt and minerals, and each stone embodies the energies of the area in which it was discovered.

If you’re interested in these intriguing stones, it’s preferable to get specimens from several strewn fields.

Black Tektite’s properties:

Color: black

Chemical composition: Silica percentages range from 70% to 98%, with the remaining elements varying depending on these stones’ origins.

Size: Microtektites to huge weighing up to 28 pounds are all available.

Hardness – Mohs scale: 6 to 7

Black Tektite Benefits

  • One of the easiest and most direct ways to develop telepathy and clairvoyance is to use affirmations.
  • During meditation, you may use this item to assist you enhance your awareness.
  • You can discover many things from meditation, including how to recognize the voices of your ancestors and feel at peace with their presence.
  • To call upon and charge the powers of our spirit guides, angels, gods, goddesses, dragons and fairies. For example, you may say
  • To strengthen your social relationships,
  • When you’re feeling down, don’t be afraid to reach out for help. Learning from your mistakes will only make you a better person.
  • This will be an excellent tool for restoring the flow of energy through the meridians.
  • Remove any energetic barriers from your life.

Moldavite is a strong stone that shouldn’t be used too frequently or every day. Moldavite is not advised for people who are sensitive because it has a powerful energy. We recommend Black Tektites for individuals who feel Moldavite’s powerful energy overwhelming. These stones likewise have amazing metaphysical qualities, although their energy isn’t as potent. Tektites are strong, high-vibrational crystals that might aid you on your spiritual path.

How to use your Black Tektite

  • At night, place a stone beneath your pillow.
  • While meditation, keep it in your hands.
  • Keep it handy to assist you incorporate spiritual knowledge into your daily life.
  • Cleanse the body’s seven main chakras.
  • To cleanse a room, place Black Tektites in the middle of it.

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