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Moldavite Stone: What Is It, And Why Should You Have It?

You may have heard of Moldavite stones before, but are not sure what they’re all about. Well, I’m here to tell you that it might be time for a change in your life! The Moldavite stone is an ancient and powerful earth energy that can help you release pent-up emotions and negative thoughts.

It also enhances the healing process by helping to dissolve any blockages within the body. This makes it perfect for those who want to let go of past hurts and move forward with their lives without regret or fear! So what are you waiting for? Pick up a moldavite stone today and start experiencing the benefits right away!

What is Moldavite good for?

moldavite stone

Moldavite is often used to stabilize mood swings, insomnia and pain relief. Moldavite was also known by the ancients as a “gem for reducing stress.” For something to reduce stress, it has to be able to take away tension; usually this means providing tranquility. So, when looking at moldavite stones or crystals in general–this would be a point of focus on how they make you feel while around them.

How does your body feel? What mental state do you find yourself in while using them? Do they put some things into perspective for you…? What feelings surface when using a moldavite stone/crystal? That’s what may determine if it can be helpful in that particular way for you.

People say that Moldavite can be a grounding stone, but it could also be a bit chaotic for folks who are not used to the energy coming from these stones.

What happens when you wear Moldavite?

moldavite pendant
Moldavite Pendant

A lot can happen when you wear it! You might feel lightheaded or dizzy, or develop an itchiness around the skin where the necklace is touching. You’ll find yourself relaxing more deeply and tapping into your spiritual side more easily.

If you’re feeling overly stressed out, it’s great for calming you down and giving you clarity about what happened to cause that stress in the first place. And because moldavite contains iron sulfide, which gives it its distinctive coloration–it’s also said to be a “stone of protection.

How much does Moldavite cost?

Moldavite can be found in varying levels of quality. The more bubbles the gem has, the tougher it is to find and thus higher-priced.

You can find Moldavite at several dealers with prices running anywhere from 20-35 GBP/gr for untreated material, depending on how course it is ground up. There are very few stores worldwide that sell ampules which are guaranteed authentic, so this is definitely a buyer’s beware! If you are just starting out looking into Moldavite as an investment then I would start off by buying tumbled specimens which have usually been tumbled across pebbles or nuggets of quartz until they’re not very easy to distinguish. 

How does Moldavite change your life?

It differs for every person, but it has the power to transform your life in a manner that you or others can’t know ahead of time.

It’s called the “transformation stone” because it has been used since ancient times to change people’s lives, whether it’s increasing their relationships, helping them release themselves from undesirable things, or something else. Every experience with Moldavite is unique depending on what you use it for.

Moldavite is one of the most powerful healing stones on our planet today. Although specific indications are necessary to determine how this Czech green stone may provide assistance for individual situations and problems, one thing can be said about who will benefit by using Moldavite – everyone! 

Should you sleep with moldavite?

moldavite by your bed

It’s best to explore their receptivity before adding to the bedroom. I don’t believe it is ultimately up to anyone but the individual whether they should sleep with moldavite; it should feel like something that would benefit them personally, not something someone else would like them to do.

To test this for oneself, one might sleep with the moldavite for a night and then get feedback from others on how they felt upon waking– did their dreams improve? Did their energy levels stay high past breakfast time? Were all worries erased completely while sleeping? Doubtful. Again, what you find pleasurable may differ than what other people find pleasurable or beneficial– so only experiment if you yourself are interested in doing so.

Is moldavite worth buying?

It is rare, which makes it something that is worth investing in. Seriously, though, Moldavite stones are quite inexpensive for their size and color. Unless you’re willing to spend the big bucks on something else, this stone will make a workable addition to any collection.

In conclusion, a definitive “yes”–but do your research, tie in any crystals you’ve used before with the information available about moldavite, and see how it feels to you.

Is moldavite crystal going up in value?

Moldavite is currently priced at 20-35 GBP/gram for trade-size specimens. Pricing does change daily, but the “value” has increased by 500% in just one year’s time!

Just like any other commodity, the price goes up and down depending on supply and demand. Also, while prices can vary wildly based on where you are located, generally speaking you’ll find the cheapest prices if you order online because it takes so much effort to get all of these crystals off of their home planet.

How can I tell if Moldavite stone is real?

There are many ways to know if a Moldavite is real. For example, Moldavite stones are always green. Therefore, if yours is any other color, then it’s not Moldavite. Also, Moldavite is famous for being an expensive stone because it has a high energy frequency that’s impossible to create with human hands.

If you’re unsure about the authenticity of your stone, compare the price online or somewhere else with prices on genuine stones – or look up information on how much similar stones have sold for recently at auction houses around the world, so you can determine what your stone might be worth per gram weight.  

Can you get moldavite wet?

Yes, but it may become less shiny and deteriorate.

Moldavite is a type of tektite that was created when lightning melted silica in the soil and dried it into glass.

Tektites are quite fragile, but their durability varies depending on the mineral they contain. Moldavite seems to be most resistant to physical damage like heat and scratches so far because of its feldspar mineral content, which allows for better weathering properties than other minerals.

But the ease with which moldavite gets wet or dirty is due mostly to how light and thin these particles are – too thin for any coating or sealant layer to last long.

Does moldavite need to be recharged?

Moldavite does not need to be recharged or programmed because it’s a stone with its own power. Tektites don’t deteriorate like crystals do, so they will always work for their intended use. For example, a crystal might amplify water energy, whereas moldavite might just allow you to tap into that energy yourself with practice. Other tektites are designed for protection against witches or magical attacks, self-confidence boosting, healing wounds, etc.)

What planet is moldavite from?

Moldavite is the one of the rarest gemstones on earth.

Native to Bohemia in the Czech Republic, moldavite has been studied for over 150 years, primarily by scientists with Czech or Slovakian backgrounds. It is not currently clear why this unusual material is confined to such a small region of Eastern Europe, nor why it was concentrated primarily within an area only 15 miles wide and 500 meters deep.

Three hypotheses have emerged to explain both its puzzling geographic location and long duration of exposure at Earth’s surface: 

– that it may be derived from materials erupted by an ancient volcano situated near Mrákotín; 

– that it may represent material thrown violently into air during some catastrophic event which completely disrupted the bedrock near this location;

– that it may be derived from a small comet nucleus, or a meteorite which collided with our planet at this site.

What are the powers of moldavite?

Moldavites are praised as one of the most powerful stones in history over many cultures.

They promote relationship healing and balance, mental clarity, stress release from past wounds, opening oneself to emotions that have been buried underground for fear of judgment or fear of opening old wounds when these were part of what had shaped your sense of self–and realizing that seeing them with bittersweet perspective instead could allow you transition into your authentic self more willingly and more peacefully and with deeper and more authentic feelings of love for yourself, your life, the world around you, the people in it.

What chakra is Moldavite?

Moldavite is said to be a crystal of embodiment. The earthy green color represents our heart chakra!

A chakra is the focal point for all the energy in our body. It gives us balance, focus and vitality from head to toe. In other words, you could say that each chakra energizes different parts of the body.

As many people already know, it’s quite common for crystals to have certain energies encoded within them. For example, while some people think diamonds are best for love and confident thoughts, while others will believe they’re more suited towards wealth and good fortune.

What stone is stronger than Moldavite?

Moldavite is arguably one of the strongest stones. Moldavite is a strong stone that can help manifest thoughts into reality, and was associated with healing in ancient times.

Moldavite is a protective mineral, warning those who have been saved from danger, so those lives will never be taken again. A stone of balance, moldavite harmonizes all aspects of life- physical, mental and spiritual. In times past, it has been worn as armor or as a charm to ward off evil.

Can moldavite attract love?

According to a Brazilian healer, the answer is yes.

The healer said that moldavite is a stone of unconditional love. It can be used for healing and attracting love in relationships with family members, partners and friends. 

Where do you put Moldavite?

Moldavite is a very powerful crystal and should not be displayed with other crystals if you want to feel its full vibration.

It needs a lot of space around it to breathe, so one may put it on a shelf or table that has been cleared of other objects, but never in another mineral collection.

Keep Moldavite out of direct sunlight as too much solar energy can break down the crystalline lattice structure – just as prolonged cooking would spoil an egg’s nutritional value.

A cool area is best for resting your Budstone! In addition, don’t handle Moldavite for long periods of time because the electricity from our hands can drive away its gentle vibrations. 

Is moldavite a real gemstone?

Yes. Moldavite is not a “gemstone” as such, but it is the only tektite in gemstone quality. In all other respects, it is similar to an extremely high-grade glassy bottle green obsidian.

Moldavite’s appearance contradicts what we know about tektites from studying them under a microscope or their microstructures under a microscope – that they were molten porous objects with bubble and pinhole structures that cooled quickly at the earth’s surface. This would have made their surfaces matte and reflective rather than polished and lusterless as moldavite’s surface appears to be. 


Moldavite is an interesting crystal that can be used to help you achieve your goals in life. It’s said to open up the third eye, assist with astral travel and healing, as well as stimulate various chakras. Some people report wearing moldavite stones on their body for a few hours at a time because of its powerful energy.

We want to know what you think about this stone! Have you tried any of these? Let us know if it has helped you reach your personal or professional goals faster than before by commenting below.

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