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Is Moldavite A Lifechanging Stone?

Moldavite is a popular and potent transformation stone known as the Stone of Change.

It is one of the most frequently requested stones, but it is also one of the most misunderstood.

Continue reading to discover why Moldavite is known as the stone of change and upheaval, as well as a fantastic frequency amplifier.

Moldavite 101

Moldavite prospecting. Natural green precious stone in drop shap

Moldavite is a unique stone that has only been found in one specific location on Earth. There are certain amounts accessible to consumers, therefore there is a finite amount of Moldavite available. This is one of the reasons why imitation Moldavite has flooded the market and you should be more cautious where you buy because you’ll miss out on part of the benefits.

Moldavite is not a crystal, despite what you may have read. It’s actually a “tektite,” which are formed when asteroids strike the Earth’s surface but aren’t meteors. Moldavite has so far been discovered only in southwestern Poland in Eastern Europe and is strewn across four separate fields. Each of these sites gives a unique quantity and sort of Moldavite.

Moldavite’s strange and inexplicable origin has fueled its popularity for hundreds of years. Moldovite is undoubtedly older than that, having been discovered in 1786 next to the Moldau River, where it gets its name.

It is a blue variety of chrysoberyl that, while not as well-known as its red counterparts, has many beneficial properties. The concept for this stone’s creation is somewhat debatable, and while no one theory can be confirmed today, evidence suggests it has been used since ancient times as a protective stone and fashioned into talismans. One such case is the Venus of Waldendorf, an iconic figurine discovered in Austria dating back 25,000 years ago that was found next to pieces of Moldavite that had been carved into amulets.

Moldavite Properties 

Vivid, insane dreams

Warmth is a sensation.

a sense of urgency

Self-awareness has been boosted

It is a beneficial service to unearth the mysteries of others.

Psychic protection 

Spiritual Awakening as an Alternative to Meditation

Goals and aspirations are manifested in this stage.

Moldavite is a highly beneficial stone that can lead you down a new route in life. However, for some individuals, it might be too much of a task. Because this road may take you on a journey far different from the one you had originally imagined for your life.

This is also why you’ll often hear crystal experts and energy healers mention the phrase “ready for Moldavite.”

Moldavite is known to make people feel uneasy or on edge. The most probable explanation for why this is the case is that Moldavite makes you face situations you are not prepared for. If you’re having an odd sensation while wearing Moldavite, try to focus on what’s troubling you and see whether your gut has any advice.

Depending on where you live, it may be difficult to obtain Moldavite. It is also a challenge to find out what all of the terminology and titles signify. If you are new to working with crystals, having an abundance of information might be overwhelming. Extremely vivid dreams and pictures may flood your mind while you sleep, making it difficult to fall asleep. If this happens (whether you’re wearing a necklace), remove it (if applicable) and try placing it in another room or near your bed.

Moldavite’s influence can manifest itself in a variety of ways, from friendships to love relationships, professional life to relocation across the nation.

There are both good and bad methods for dealing with such events.

It’s possible that a new employment offer will be fantastic for your profession, but it could lead to the end of your blossoming relationship. The increased sensitivity and spiritual awareness may also help you notice things that you previously didn’t see, such as a partner who is unsupportive or a lack of creative stimulation at work.

When it comes to personal development, these shifts are required; however, they may also be distressing and cause worry and anxiety.

Moldavite Setting Intent

Setting intentions is one of the most crucial things to remember while utilizing your Moldavite. This is the simplest and most efficient approach to channel the energy of the stone towards a certain goal.

When it comes to programming a stone, you must always begin by cleansing the crystal, holding it in your hands, and thinking about the life you want or objective you wish to achieve.

What to use Moldavite for? 

Moldavite has a deep connection with the Heart Chakra as a natural green stone, but it can also stimulate the Third Eye and Crown Chakras. It’s fantastic for meditation, Reiki, and energy healing treatments, as well as chakra alignment, balance, and purification.

Users have also described physical responses to Moldavite’s qualities, which are worth noting. The most typical occurrence is a tingling heat that travels from the stone and spreads throughout the body, much like a wave.

It may be enhanced if you keep the stone on a necklace and it stimulates your skin, leading to a “energetic flush” around the Heart Chakra and the face.

Moldavite Warnings

Moldavite may overwhelm and even frighten certain persons because of its extremely concentrated energy.

Moldavite is not inherently dangerous.

It is not toxic or poisonous, and it can be handled with confidence. Just beware of sharp edges!

Moldavite & TikTok

Moldavite has been used for centuries, but it exploded in popularity on the social media platform Tik Tok in 2020.

There are hundreds of Moldavite videos from people who have discovered the power of manifestation and crystal energy vibrations for the first time.

Moldavite has been intensely mined in the Czech Republic to limit environmental harm, owing to its popularity. If you want a piece of this stone but can’t seem to locate a supplier, now isn’t the moment for it to enter your life. Don’t get too worked up!

Always do your homework when it comes to social media sellers and seek out honest opinions and actual life experiences.

How To Spot Fake Moldavites?

Because Moldavite has such a small amount in existence, finding an original piece might be difficult.

When looking for a new online shop, the most important factors to consider are color, price, and quality, much like other gemstones.

Keep an eye out for bubbles, inclusions, and the stone’s surface texture. Moldavite is irregular in form and appearance, with a dull green color. Melted glass that is dyed to appear like Moldavite can be found.

Moldavite Cost

The gram of Moldavite is available.

The greater the size of stone you want to use, the more expensive it is.

If you’re looking for Moldavite and find stones for much less than market rates in other locations, be wary. Of course, anything that isn’t mined in the Czech Republic is a fraud.

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