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Moldavite Facts & Recommendations

Whether you’re a fan of crystals or just use TikTok, you’ve no doubt noticed that moldavite has been getting a lot of attention lately—and not all of it has been positive. Here, specialists evaluate this beautiful glass and determine whether it’s “cursed” as the web implies or worth adding to your collection.

Moldavite History

Moldavite is technically a form of glass, although it’s commonly referred to as a crystal. It’s green and has a smooth, matte finish, and it’s thought to have been created by a meteorite that struck the planet approximately 15 million years ago. She explains that because it was formed by a meteorite, there is only so much material available today.

Moldavite, according to Sam Mitchell, author of Crystals Guide to Crystal Healing and creator of Goldirocks, has a lot of mystique associated with it. “These little pieces of space glass are known for having highly powerful vibes as well as an inexplicable capacity to vanish and reappear at will,” she adds.

Leanne also says that moldavite may be the stone that was placed in the Holy Grail. “There’s a lot of debate regarding what the Holy Grail is, but there are people who believe it was a physical cup with a rock inside—and others who think it was moldavite.”

Moldavite’s primary energy is the color blue, which is said to inspire transformation, personal growth, and a heightened sense of awareness. “Many people report experiencing their first physical response to crystals when they touch moldavite: heart-opening, whole-body tingling,” Sam Mitchell explains.

Why Moldavite Became Popular?

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#moldavite videos on TikTok have over 450 million views, which is driving this gem’s popularity through the roof—though Leanne warns it has been growing in popularity for the last ten years.

Regardless, TikTok users are now sharing some incredible stories suggesting moldavite is a cursed gem. Some people claim their vehicles have been destroyed, relationships have broken down, family members have died, and so on after receiving one. Others argue that it has brought benefits into their life: new friends, new employment opportunities, spiritual growth, and so on.

However, there are numerous reports of moldavite being worthless. Many people have had their money stolen by unscrupulous individuals who exploit the eagerness to discover new technologies. However, while most of these moldavites appear to be worthless,

Should You Use Moldavite?

Leanne and Sam Mitchell both state that you do not need to be concerned about moldavite or any other gemstone. So no, it isn’t hexed!

“It isn’t your fault if you can’t figure out why a crystal is misbehaving,” wrote David Rake, the author of “How to Use a Mineral Crystal.” “A diamond is a crystal. A crystal is a physical thing that has been imbued with energy and intention…. When you blame an item for doing something bad rather than taking responsibility for your own actions, it’s like blaming the car when your kid wrecks it—or putting yourself in danger by telling someone else how to use their crystals!”

“If we hand over our power to someone else, it can be quite hazardous,” Leanne agrees. That said, if you want to give moldavite a shot, Sam Mitchell warns that it may speed up and assist you in making necessary changes in your life.

“Change is frequently tough and frightening, even when it’s the best thing for you in the long run. Moldavite’s energy is very strong, possibly overpowering, but always for the greatest purpose,” she adds.

Moldavite Buying Tips

Just for the record, moldavite is more expensive than other crystals on the market today, and it’s because it’s both rare and well-known, according to Sam Mitchell. And fakes are plentiful as a result of this scarcity. She says that phony moldavite is simply green glass that has been molded to replicate the mineral’s rough texture.

If you’re not sure whether a crystal is real, Leanne suggests doing your homework before purchasing one, both on how to distinguish between fakes and where you’ll be buying it from. “It’s usually a good idea to do some research before buying a stone, particularly when looking for moldavites,” she explains.

The easiest method to verify whether moldavite is genuine is to purchase from a seller you trust, according to Sam Mitchell, and it’s worth paying more for the actual thing—even if it’s not.

Leanne adds that the mineral’s rarity is another reason it has become so popular. Moldavite may be found in almost any location around the world, with most of it being mined near the Earth’s surface.

You always want to look into worker conditions, of course, but according on Leanne, moldavite is “less of a problem because it’s from there.”

How to Use Moldavite

Remember, before diving into moldavite: When working with crystals, the most important thing is to have a clear aim. Before you start using the following techniques, make sure you know exactly what it is you want assistance with:

1. Begin with a short moldavite session.

If you’re just getting started using this gem, Sam Mitchell recommends taking it easy. “This is a crystal to work with very deliberately to avoid energetic ‘overdose,’ ” she says, adding that she suggests starting with brief sessions.

Aaronic Buddhists believe that moldavite’s strength is in its ability to heal anything, including electromagnetic energy. Moldavite can eradicate any sort of illness or disease, according to Aaronics. It may be used as a meditation tool by simply holding it in your hands or placing it on your body where you feel guided. The fast-acting magic of moldavite is activated when it’s placed on the energy system.

She emphasizes, though, that moldavite’s effects can vary from person to person. It’s also typical to experience a bit of dizziness after interacting with moldavite for an extended period of time, so if this occurs, try standing outside in the dirt, rock, or grass to ground yourself.

2. Make use of it for creative dreaming.

Leanne adds that moldavite can be a helpful companion for dreamwork, whether it’s lucid dreaming, dream healing, or simply getting intuitive knowledge from your dreams. If this interests you, she suggests putting it in your pillow or on your bedside table, or even wearing it as jewelry (such as a ring) while sleeping.

3. Use moldavite for shadow work.

Moldavite is also beneficial in matters relating to personal and/or spiritual growth, such as shadow work. If you’re using it for personal development, transformation, or shadow work, experts recommend setting it on your at-home altar or sacred area for support.

4. Hold moldavite while meditating.

Last but not least, Leanne states that moldavite is also said to be beneficial in the deepening of meditation states. if you’d like to use it in this manner, simply hold it in your hand or wear it as jewelry while meditating.

How To Care for Moldavite

Moldavite’s non-material qualities make it similar to other crystals in need of no special maintenance, aside from the fact that as glass, it is rather delicate. “Moldavite can chisel and shatter,” Sam Mitchell adds.

You may also cleanse and charge your moldavite if you keep it correctly (ideally in a soft bag that will protect any edges). “Use a non-culturally appropriated technique of cleaning, such as a sound bath or sunlight or moonlight,” Leanne advises.


The moral of the tale is that Moldavite is not cursed and does not necessitate something terrible taking place to you if you wear it or keep it in your home. Leanne and Sam Mitchell make clear that any sort of crystal work, including smudging, comes down to intention and approach. If you’re still unsure, don’t feel compelled to add it to your collection. But if you want to achieve progress and change, this could be the crystal for you.

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