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Moldavite As Your Healer

“Time and again, in folklore and mythology throughout history, you may discover the legend of the celestial green gem of transformation. The sacred talisman of awakening, with its summons, opens the door to our destiny. It is now again visible in the period of critical mass, the Moldavite, many human channels. Its purpose as a spiritual instrument improves and sharpens as we utilize it. As more people discover its connection to their own experiences, our sense of oneness grows.” – got and learned this from the book authored by Robert Simmons, Moldavite: Starborn Stone of Transformation.

I have a really big, gorgeous green piece of Moldavite that is naturally formed in the form of a heart. I had NO CLUE what I had been given when I received it as a gift some twenty years ago. Even today, with each new encounter with this incredible stone, my knowledge increases and deepens.

Moldavites were formed approximately 15 million years ago, when a huge meteorite struck the planet’s surface in what is now Czech Republic. Moldavite was valued by humans for tools and amulets some 25,000 years ago, but it has been forgotten energy until quite recently. Moldavite has grown in popularity as one of the most sought-after healing crystals by energy healers and spiritual searchers throughout history. Moldavite has allowed me to increase my physical and psychic energy, alleviate a headache, and recover from illness or injury at nearly superhuman speeds!

Moldavite Meditations are a form of guided meditation that I frequently recommend to my clients dealing with emotionally charged issues. It’s used to enhance connections and break addictions to outdated thought patterns, harmful behaviors, and negative preconceptions. Moldavite’s influence is also beneficial for traumatized animals, such as those being introduced from shelters to new homes, since it helps with panic and anxiety. (Simply apply a little Moldavite oil to their bedding for an immediate relaxing effect!)

However, Moldavite’s impact on our spiritual realm piques my interest and astonishes me the most. Beyond any other energy, Moldavite is a catalyst for personal evolution leading to one’s greatest good. Moldavites are one of the most potent gemstone tools for spiritual growth and expansion of consciousness. Often, the changes it produces can be significant, abrupt, and difficult. Moldavites are among the most powerful gemstone instruments for spiritual growth and awareness increase.

The Holy Grail of Arthurian legend was said to be a stone, not a cup, in some tellings. The Grail vessel was supposedly formed from the crystal Emerald. Moldavite is the only clear green gemstone known to have fallen from the sky, and it was called “Emerald” by the ancients. Moldavite appears to be a predictor of one’s higher destiny and a helpful and healing talisman for its attainment. Moldavite appears to work in tandem with one’s intuition. Working consciously with Moldavite seems to produce events that bring about the proper relationships, right employment, and align the rest of one’s life with the divine pattern, the highest good.

Moldavite works well with Larimar, the Quartz Family, and Luvilite in laying stones on the body, gridding, and mixing gemstone oils. It tends to enhance and spiritualize the energies of any stones we use in conjunction with it. Moldavite oil can be used to anoint gemstones, or the chakra and meridian points of our subtle energy bodies. This enhances our vibration, beginning a process of energetic resonance in which the vibrational frequency of our whole being is increased significantly.

Moldavite will promote the activation of all of the chakras energetically. Moldavite’s energy first goes where it is most needed in the physical and etheric bodies, then concentrates on the heart. A unique Moldavite soap made with my personal Master Moldavite Crystal. This soap is suitable for everyday usage to help you stay in tune with your life’s purpose while incarnating to learn.

I invite you to experiment with Moldavite energies as a means of change by reading blogs from our website and simply buying a bar of Moldavite soap. I’d also like to offer a lovely meditation for when you’re working with any Moldavite:

“I ask that spirit walk with me this day, and that I have the confidence to embrace this truth in all that I do. To live fully in my own light and strength is to respect the spiritual within. Help me today to remember who I am as well as who I am not. To acknowledge my own limitations sets me on the road to accepting the full power of my Higher Self. On this day, I will balance my ego by monitoring it frequently and examining what lies behind my actions. I accept the rightful majesty that is mine and am determined to utilize it to establish a Home on this side of the veil. Most men simply wish to feel more financially sound. Some individuals go bankrupt, while others become rich in the process of rising up in life. My question is asked that I may allow spirit to radiate from me to everyone who chooses to look at me, that I may be a flawless mirror so that they might see God within themselves. Today as spirit walks with me, I am grateful for the opportunity to practice gratitude for the gift of energy on my shoulder.”

May you be blessed with a fantastic existence, one that is in accordance with your divine plan.

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