What’s all the hype about Moldavite?

Moldavite is a real glass. It has its own unusual formation behind it. Moldavite is classified as a Tektite because it was formed by meteorite collisions. It began in the Czech Republic 14 million years ago, when it crawled out of a large meteoric collision’s flames. Although the stone does not come from outer space, its incredible speed and acceleration as a result of this cosmic event’s impact on earth caused the crystalisation that produced this precious and powerful stone. An investment in a Moldavite item is more unusual and becoming rarer. An investment in a Moldavite piece will bring about significant and beneficial change in your life. However, you must be prepared for this transition, as it is a high-frequency stone that will remove anything that is no longer aligned with your path.

The Powerful Energy of Moldavite 

Moldavite is also known as a link between the spiritual and physical planes. Moldavite focuses on the upper chakras in order to promote spiritual awakening and ascent. As soon as this stone cleanses your energy field of worry and blocks from the heart, third eye, and crown chakra, you will immediately feel its therapeutic energy begin to flow through you. This is a potentially powerful and healing process, which is why we recommend that you be prepared for it before you buy your first Moldavite item. You may need to start by wearing it gradually and on occasion take a break as you incorporate the therapeutic work.

Moldavite is a wonderful crystal to utilize when you’re going through deep healing for an issue you’ve been dealing with for a long time. It calls on your inner warrior strength and reminds you not to give up on your ambitions. Its fiery energy will help you endure the changes your soul is seeking, leading you to where you belong.

Moldavite In Our Life: Rituals & Self-Care

Jewellery is an excellent method to integrate moldavite into your life for healing and change. The rich mystical green hues go wonderfully with silver and white tones. Moldavite rings, pendants, and bracelets provide the ideal way to enable moldavite to assist you in overcoming any fear and rediscovering love by allowing it to flow through your hands. Moldavite earrings also help you make contact, change, and awaken via the top crown (third eye) chakras.

Pair moldavite with frankincense, rose, and cinnamon oils in your healing rituals and self-care routines to provide mental calm and stability when going through any difficulties involved with becoming your most powerful self.

Invoke your inner Goddess with Moldavites

Moldavite is the ultimate feminine empowerment stone, calling in new-earth experiences and life changes for your greatest good. Nothing is beyond the reach of heaven on earth. When you feel the urge, take a look at our gorgeous moldavite collections, which are available in store and online. All of our moldavite items come with an authenticity certificate to ensure that you receive the genuine article. Once you’ve made up your mind, move fast because Moldavite’s scarcity is growing. Allow your intuition to lead you to the ideal item.

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