Helena Riley

Hi! My name is Helena a close of Jessie - the owner/founder of this blog. I am the editor/writer of this Moldavite Co UK blog. I am passionate about moldavite stones and would like to share my experience with it to you guys. Through my moldavite blogs, you'd be able to learn more about me, about the stone, and many more!

Helena Riley
czech moldavite mineral isolated

Is Moldavite the Most Powerful Crystal?

I’ve gotten inquiries from people asking if moldavite is truly the world’s most powerful crystal, as it’s frequently claimed. But it’s THE most powerful, I believe. Well, I think it is quite strong… but THE most powerful? What is Moldavite? Moldavite is a unique green tektite that was formed by the collision of meteors on …

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green moldavite (tektite mineral) isolated

Moldavite Facts & Recommendations

Whether you’re a fan of crystals or just use TikTok, you’ve no doubt noticed that moldavite has been getting a lot of attention lately—and not all of it has been positive. Here, specialists evaluate this beautiful glass and determine whether it’s “cursed” as the web implies or worth adding to your collection. Moldavite History Moldavite …

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Use Moldavite For Energy Healing

Moldavite continues to draw the attention of many people throughout the world, owing to its unusual and fascinating abilities, which have astonished some individuals. The green extraterrestrial stone with alleged healing powers and energy healing capabilities is known to have. If you’re seeking for ways to employ these features, here are a few pointers on …

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