Everything You Need to Know About Moldavite, Including Its History

Moldavite is a rare tektite stone that may be found near the Moldau River, dating back to a meteorite collision along the river. Moldavite’s reputation is growing among psychics and both indigo and star children, but what exactly makes it so fascinating?

To understand why Moldavite stands out among other stones for meditation and enlightenment, continue reading.

Moldavite Origin

A meteorite struck a range of mountains in the Czech Republic 15 million years ago, producing a field of molten rock that gave rise to Moldavite. There are no other areas on Earth where this form of tektite can be found, implying that it will become extinct in the future.

The pink Moldavite is a highly sought-after stone due to its scarcity and metaphysical abilities. Because of this, it’s very common for sellers to try to sell fakes. buymoldavite.com/collections/certified-moldavites/ is a reputable source whose Moldavite has been authenticated by the gemstone experts at buymoldavite.com. Always request an authentication certificate, especially if the stone is selling for a high price.


Moldavite Properties

Moldavite has a high vibrational frequency that even skeptics can sense, due to its connection with the cosmos. Empaths are particularly sensitive to their energy and should only work with it if they are in good physical health.


Moldavite has a mottled, folded, and jagged appearance that ranges from pale yellowish lime to hunter green. It’s high in silica, which gives it a glassy sheen. The green hues are due to the presence of iron and peridot.

Moldavite is also credited with traces of the original blast. It’s thought to be an extraterrestrial stone, but there’s no evidence to support that claim. Those who practice spirit mediumship, on the other hand, say that its supernatural energies are Other-Dimensional.


Moldavite is a gemstone that, according to legend, has supernatural abilities that allow you to connect your spirit with the heavenly powers of the cosmos. This stone can help you travel through time and navigate past life regression as well as your soul’s route through all avenues of time by using it for ascension. Moldavite may cleanse you of negative emotions and thought patterns that are keeping you stuck in the past.

Moldavite Uses

Not everyone will appreciate the simplicity of the stones, and those who are sensitive to the high vibrations may be uncomfortable. It’s best if you start with softer stones such as Rose Quartz or Obsidian before moving on to Moldavite since it is so powerful that it’s been dubbed “The Moldavite Flush.” Dizziness, headaches, and lightheadedness are all signs of this flush.

Heart Chakra

Moldavite activates the heart Chakra. Wearing it near your heart on a necklace will have rapid effects if you want to utilize its protective powers. Wearing Moldavite can help you heal your emotions and open your closed heart to love if you have experienced emotional trauma or find that you are having difficulties accessing your feelings.

Healing Powers

Moldavite is a gemstone that is purported to cure a variety of illnesses by eliminating emotional obstructions, which cause physical problems. This may allow us to heal ourselves by stopping harmful behaviors, emotions, and ideas.


Moldavite has been used for centuries to treat illnesses such as rashes, blindness, respiratory problems, anemia, asthma, and allergies. Moldavite has also been called a cell rejuvenation stone that can promote the healing of cells and tissue by slowing down the aging process.


These are just a few indications that your heart chakra needs to be healed if you have frequent jealousy, social anxiety, fury, terror, mistrust, or feel overly needy or distant in relationships. Moldavite is a potent stone that may enhance memory to help you find the source of pain and emotional trauma, making it an excellent emotional healer. It can guard your heart from the bad energy that might put you into a tailspin.

Moldavite has been found to have a beneficial impact on relationships by assisting you in mending your heart and reinstalling love and harmony within the body and mind. Couples may close any distance and restore trust and balance as a result of Moldavite’s role in helping you heal your heart and re-establish love and harmony.

Moldavite’s popularity stems largely from its mystical qualities and powers. Its benefits extend beyond financial value, as it may cure any ailment or problem that comes into touch with it. Remember to use caution, since the vibrational frequency of Moldavite may be painful if not utilized correctly.

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